Sandy Cousens is available for consultations for residential and commercial clients.

Although Sandy is passionate about low-toxic spaces, she also understands that it is not the foremost desire for everyone and is also delighted to work on projects that purely require design.

"After building our house 3 years ago, I found that I was in need of ideas and interior design advice to maximise the space in my office and children's areas. What I got with Sandy was so much more.

As a family we had gone through a lifestyle change; which involved eating real food, exercising and reducing our toxic load. Sandy was the perfect fit for us because she combined a great interior eye with a passion to create a healthy/ low tox environment for my household. It was the hints and tips as we walked around my house when I truly saw the benefit of having a professional provide me with feedback on flow, look, feel and creating an environment that complimented all the lifestyle changes we had already made.

Sandy met with me face to face in my space and took my brief and budget. I didn't realise there were so many easy things I could do to improve my space. What I loved most about working with Sandy was her practicality. She gave me a staged approach to the changes I wanted to make. This allowed me to upgrade as budget allowed and helped me prioritise the changes based on the biggest impact for my household.

Having an in home consultation was the best investment for me. As I continue to implement the plan I am so happy with the feel of my house and I feel so empowered to make good decisions when creating a household that has a healthy interior. " Kellie, Gold Coast

It has been a pleasure for Sandy over the last 15 years to be invited into her clients homes (and workspaces) to rejuvenate tired spaces. Her initial call-out fee which includes a 2 hour on-site consult is $190 (there may be a travel fee depending on the area). Her hourly rate thereafter is $95 and Sandy uses her vast network of wholesale contacts to be able to forward on her savings to her clients. The majority of the time, Sandy's clients have actually saved more than what they've spent on her services.

Prior to the initial consultation, Sandy likes to gauge what is required for the space(s) and discusses this either via the phone or initialising a Pinterest account, whereby the Client is able to communicate with Sandy via means of images, in order for Sandy to make full use of her time prior to the on-site consult.

Sandy has found this to be a most useful way to get an initial understanding of some of the Clients desires and it saves time on the day discussing this. It also enables Sandy to bring along samples and concepts on this first meeting which is a real bonus.

If the client is unable to divulge some design preferences prior to the meeting, that is perfectly suitable as it's also Sandy's job to assist those who require direction too!

After the initial consultation whereby Sandy is also able to do quick on-site sketches for cabinetry, layouts, etc. a further meeting can be arranged at her hourly rate to discuss the design concept in more detail.